CurriculumThe Curriculum Design Is Such Which Encourage The Child To Think Out Of The Box And Takes Him Away From Rote Learning

Learning Infrastructure

  • Science Lab
  • Maths Lab
  • Computer

Prayer - There is immeasurable power in it

Morning Assembly/Special Assemblies

The morning assembly is conducted by each class on a daily rotation. These class assemblies give each student an opportunity to participate. This develops their oratory, public speaking skills and confidence.Cultural shows are put up for all major festivals as well as national days. The Annual Art Exhibition, Science Exhibition/Week, Computer Week, Subject Weeks and Holiday Home Work display give every student a platform to exhibit his or her work.

The Pre-Primary stage is the foundation of every childs basic education .At this stage , the Child is introduced to the basic Skills of learning through the play way Mothod the school lays great stress on inicilating in its students the indian cultural heritage and tradition Iry celebrating all important indian festivals and birthdays of guat leaders philosphers special days likes Mothers day, Friendship day, Grandparent day and smiley days etc aree celebrated through special assemblies.